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100% Hydrobeef


All power anabolic protein hydrolysates peptides calf.

100% Pure Glutamine


Now available for online stores and physical stores.

Pura L-Glutamina en polvo, sin aditivos ni...

100% Waxymaize


Introducing 100% Waxymaize: the most easily digested carbohydrate available in the market to make the most of your performance and recovery.

100% Whey Protein


100% WHEY PROTEIN DIRECT is a concentrate of whey protein of the highest quality composed of the raw material of Fonterra that will provide the...

Alpha Lipoic Acid


ALA. Food supplement in capsules to swallow based on alpna-lipoic acid.

Amino 9000

Exclusive product for distribution in other markets.

Quamtrax Amino 9000 is an amino acid...

B+C Complex


Food suplement in pearls for swallowing based on B vitamins and vitamin C.