Protein Bread


Bread mold made 100% with whole wheat flour and with a high protein content.


Protein Bread by Quamtrax, combines the best selection of cereals and seeds with a high protein content with all the nutrients for your wellbeing, made 100% with whole wheat flour (free of refined flours), rich in fiber, crispy on the outside spongy inside, ideal for those who practice physical activities, it is also indicated for a diet low in carbohydrates. With no added sugars, it contains naturally occurring sugars. Protein bread will be your new favorite bread, more protein and less carbohydrates!

  • The consumption of proteins contributes to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • A diet low in carbohydrates promotes the consumption of stored fat in the body converting it into energy improving our thermoregulatory capacity and normalizing our body weight.


Whole Wheat flour, water, mix of seeds and cereals 28.8% [flax seeds, sunflower and soybeans, wheat fiber and rye, oatmeal, wheat gluten, chopped soybeans, malted barley flour], yeast, salt, bean flour, sunflower oil, emulsifiers (E-471, E-481, E-472e), stabilizer (E-412) and preservatives (E-282 and E-200). May contain traces of sesame seeds.

Nutrition Facts

Product Details

Keep in a dry cool place at room temperature.

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