Black Qookie


Crispy chocolate protein cookies with vanilla cream flavor filling. With sweeteners.


Imagine a homemade cracker crunchy on the outside, loaded with protein and filled with delicious vanilla cream. This Oreo type black biscuit has been hand-crafted and contains more than 20g of protein, gluten-free, egg-free, its incredible flavor has been achieved without added sugar, and with premium cocoa, made with clean, GMO-free ingredients. This sweet pleasure will satisfy any diet, a sandwich that you will love, suitable for all kinds of people very appetizing for chocolate lovers, Black Qookie from Quamtrax Nutrition, a delicious protein biscuit!


Crunchy cookie 65% (non-hydrogenated palm fat, corn flour, whey protein concentrate [(milk) contains (soy) lecithin], sweeteners: maltitol, low fat cacao powder, flavour, corn starch), vanilla fillinf 35% (non-hydrogenated palm fat, whey protein concentrate [(milk) contains (soy) lecithin], sweeteners: maltitol, flavour). Gluten free product, eggs free, no sugar added. Product without added leavening agents. Fats that do not contain trans isomers are used. Excessive consumption can produce laxative effects.

Nutrition Facts

Product Details

Chocolate Crunchy Cookies with vanilla cream flavour and proteins. Contains sweeteners. Gluten free product, eggs free, no sugar added.
Contains 5 Cookies.
Store in a cool dry place. Best before end: see the container.

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