Ready Meals (Chicken in hunter style with bulgur and vegetables)


Premium quality prepared meal. High protein, low fat and low sugar. Only with natural ingredients.



Using the latest processing and preservation techniques for food products, we have created an innovative product that marks the direction of specialized food development. We have combined the most desirable features of functional foods into a single product READY MEALS DE QUAMTRAX.


PURE COMPOSITION: Only from natural ingredients. No preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial additives.



  • High protein content.                         
  • Low fat.                         
  • Low sugar content.                         
  • High satiety index.                         
  • Optimum caloric content.                     

UNIQUE FLAVOR: Developed by the best nutrition technology specialists based on wide-ranging taste preference studies.


Packaged in a tray made of durable material, safe for health, resistant to high temperatures.


Thanks to this, you can prepare a meal in 2 minutes in a microwave or heat with a traditional method. The easy-to-remove heat seal used allows the top sheet to be easily removed from the plate. Due to the technological process of special fixation, the READY MEALS of Quamtrax do not require storage in the refrigerator, it is a very practical solution, especially during transport. It is the perfect dietary, nutritious and quick solution to prepare.




Chicken in hunter style with bulgur and vegetables. Delicate pieces of chicken with bulgur and vegetables served in an excellent and aromatic game sauce. The unusual taste of grains combined with sauce emphasizes the character of the dish. An abundant meal low in fat and sugar allows a convenient control of calories in the diet. Easy service to prepare for 1 person, ready to eat after heating. Only from natural ingredients. A useful meal in diets to lose weight, useful to control the weight and in a healthy and balanced nutrition.


Bulgur (37%) (GLUTEN), chicken fillet (25%): chicken fillet, salt; water, tomato (5%), lentil (3%), carrot (3%), natural apple juice concentrate, sour cucumber (2,5%), onion (2,3%), pepper (1,7%), champignon (1,5%), vinegar, rapeseed oil, dried tomatoes, natural lemon juice concentrate, corn starch, sugar, salt, sweet pepper, black pepper, spicy red pepper, dried onion. Contains gluten. May contain nuts, mustard, celery, fish, soy, milk.

Nutrition Facts

Product Details

Store in the original container in a cool (0-25 °C) and dry place. Make sure that the bag or container is properly closed.
How to prepare (Microwave)
Pierce or open the lid and place the tray in the microwave oven. Heat at full power for 2 minutes.
How to prepare (Pot with water)
Place the tray content onto the pan or in the pot. Heat for 10 minutes.
How to prepare (Pan, Frying pan)
Heat content of a traying a frying pan for 10 minutes.

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