L-Glutamine Powder 300 g

Exclusive product for distribution in other markets.

One of the best amino acids to help your body reach the maximum recuperation.


L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid as the organism can produce it thanks to glutamic acid and asparagines. It is considered as a powerful anti-catabolic that help us to protect the musculature. It also improves its recovery both in everyday physical activity and strongest and most-physical workouts. L-Glutamine also plays an important role when strengthening the immunologic system, helping to a better assimilation of the consumed proteins and cell hydration. Quamtrax always looks for the highest quality standards. In this case , L-Glutamine KYOWA™ that certifies maximum purity and amino acids quality, ensuring a perfect assimilation.


L-glutamine (KyowaTMQuality) powder.

Nutrition Facts

Product Details

Take 2 scoops (10g. each) 2 times a day. Dissolve in juice or water. Preferably with meals.
Store in a cool dry place.

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