The Quamtrax Nutrition family, a company dedicated to the production of sports nutrition products, was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Our mission is to supply our clients with the most suitable products developed by leading professionals in the field of nutrition. We’re proud to provide a personalised service to our clients, offering products with advanced research and giving honest advice.

We’re in a continuous process of expansion: We maintain a presence in the leading nutritional supplement stores, in the leading online sites in the sector and also in the most prestigious specialised sporting publications.

Currently Quamtrax Nutrition products are sold in Spain, France and Portugal with the prospect of starting sales very soon in other markets. Our export initiative is unstoppable.


Our company’s quality policy holds the firm conviction of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. All our products are made with the purest and highest quality base ingredients. We guaranty to only use the best ingredients in our products.

Since we commenced this great venture, we have presented, year by year, new investigations and formulas with shown improvement. Our products are borne of laboratory study, scientific investigation and from direct sports experience.



Quamtrax Nutrition’s operation, centres on continual production. Our annual production has grown by XX%, maintain quality, price competitively and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Currently our sales volume has increased XX% over last year. We’ve maintained this consistent growth without having to sacrifice, at any moment, quality in lieu of profit.


The choice of correct supplements is key to the progress of a sports nutrition company and for the end user, who expects the highest level of results in the products they confide in, in that they give them maximum benefit to allow them to meet their goals. We now offer a presentation of Quamtrax Nutrition’s range of products.