Vitargo Carboloader Orange 1 kg


Vitargo's™ patented formula to achieve the highest energy performance.



Vitargo is a specially designed and patented carbohydrate to produce the fastest recovery of intramuscular glycogen. This will allow us to develop our full potential while we train. It has a high molecular weight and a low glycemic index, thus, it does not produce bloating since it remains for a short time in the stomach. Also, it is gradually assimilated over time for it is sugar-free and, as a consequence of this, we have a sustained energy supply. Furthermore, Vitargo™ certifies that this product has one of the lowest osmolality levels, so the risks of suffering stomach problems are minimized. It is perfect to be taken before, during and / or after training because the energy intake will be stable, consequently allowing us to improve our performance.

  • A high molecular weight and low glycemic index.
  • Low osmolality to prevent gastrointestinal problems.
  • Vitargo's™ patented formula guarantees the best quality.
  • Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate specially designed to produce the highest recovery of intramuscular glycogen.
  • It does not produce bloating and reduces the possibility of suffering gastrointestinal problems since it has a low osmolality and a high molecular weight.
  • Since it has a low glycemic index, the product is absorbed slowly, so we have a prolonged and stable energy input.
  • It is perfect to be taken before, during and / or after training because it will keep our energy levels high.


Starch (Vitargo®), Acidity regulator (citric acid), orange powdered liophilizade, Orange aroma, sweeteners E-959 (Neohesperidine) y E-950 (Acesulfam-K).

Nutrition Facts


Product Details

Take 70 g. (5 scoops) with 750ml. of water during training.
Store in a cool dry place.

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