Vitamineral Complex


A perfect Vitamins and mineral complex for daily micronutrients intake.


Sometimes, after a hard training or the daily rhythm, our immunological defense might be affected, we get more exhausted and defenseless facing diseases, that is why our body needs an extra nutritional support. For long and strict food programs in which the contribution of some nutrients is more restricted or scant, our body needs that extra support in minerals and vitamins provided by Vitamineral Complex, which reinforces the immunological system, improves the absorption of nutrients and maintains a normal function of the nervous system.

  • Complete vitamins and minerals intake to strengthen the diet and workout.
  • Strengthening of the immune system, better absorption of nutrients and excellent antioxidant.


Phosphate of calcium, oxide of magnesium, jello (empty capsule), iron sulfate, gluconato of potassium, Vit.C, sulfate of zinc, magneso gluconato, Vit.E Tocopherol, Vit. B3 niacine, Vit.B5 pantotenic acid, Vit.A retinol, Vit.D, Vit.B6 piridoxin, Vit.B2 riboflavina, Vit.B1 tiamine, chromium chloride (III), Vit.B9 folic acid, ioduro potassic, biotina, Vit.B12 cioanocobalamina.

Nutrition Facts


Product Details

Take one capsule every day immediately before breakfast.
Store in a cool dry place.

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